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FRED LOSANI: “Write down your interpretation of an expectation”

Fred Losani, 55, is the CEO of Losani Homes in Stoney Creek, Ont. Founded in 1976 by Fred’s father, John, Losani Homes is building homes in several southwestern Ontario communities.
My parents immigrated to Canada from Italy in 1960. I remember my dad would be doing odd jobs in construction when I was nine or 10 years old. We lived in this court on the east side of Hamilton, and road hockey was the greatest game you could ever play. But I would hear my dad whistle when he came home and I would drop my stick and I’d have to run to the driveway to help him unload that truck. And God help you if you didn’t. From the time that I was 11 years old, I helped on the job site. And my dad would always make sure that [my brother Lino and I] were compensated. So at a very young age, we understood the correlation between working and getting paid for it, and seeing the rewards of what that means. You put in a hard day’s work, you’d get paid.
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