David Eisenstadt understands the business and personalities of the broadcast industry; in fact, I think he is the best at customizing what the client has to offer to the standards of what in my case, a talk host is looking for. To me, David is the face of tcgpr, and through my career in several major markets, it is a face I don't mind seeing again in my studio, which says a lot! To his credit, David has the courtesy to always keep in touch, which builds quality working relationships.
Greg Bohnert
Former Host/
Producer "The Calgary Files", AM 770-CHQR
There ain't no party like a tcgpr (client) party!
Matthew Slutsky
President, BuzzBuzzHome / LIVABLE
The Communications Group is one of the best IT public relations firms in Canada and unmatched in the industry, as far as I am concerned. David Eisenstadt and Beth Merrick are experienced pros having handled many high-tech and consumer electronics clients over the years. They focus on providing reporters and analysts with timely and valuable information. tcgpr also understands the Canadian market and knows how to tailor content to reporters and analysts. I also like their approach to media relations. tcgpr keeps me informed about what their clients are doing without bombarding me with irrelevant and time wasting follow up contact. When they do call, I take them seriously because I know they won't waste my time. More often than not, tcgpr clients have real stories to tell.
Paolo Del Nibletto
FORMER Editor, Computer Dealer News
Always professional, well-planned and with flair, tcgpr-managed client events run beautifully. And, they really understand what makes news. As a new publication, contacts and relationships are key and we are very thankful to count the management and staff at tcgpr, among our very best.
Monique Charbonneau
FORMER Publisher/
Editor, Condo Elite Modern Living Magazine
No one appreciates an expertly-planned and executed event more than the news media covering it - tcgpr hits a bull's eye every time.
Tom Hayes
Reporter - Global TV
tcgpr has always been attentive and thorough in providing us with resources and access to sources for our editorial coverage. The agency's event planning is top-notch and always designed to maximise our use of time, and we know we can rely on the agency's representatives to provide us the information we need without the fluff we get from other agencies. All true!
Andrew Mckay
Former Editor-in-Chief QMP Media, Publishers of Information Week Canada
Having worked with David Eisenstadt for several years, I have no hesitation saying he is one of the PR people who 'gets' it. He understands what has the possibility of being a story, and does not pitch material that has no hope of being a story. He understnds how to pitch that story, and then understands the world of deadlines and is flexible enough to make the human resource elements of the story available. He understands if you say no to a pitch that it is not a personal affront; it is a decision and he moves on. Others in his business could learn from him on how to be a low-key but effective public relations person.
Paul Brent
Former Technology Reporter & Host, "Tech Now" CTV Ottawa News
The Communications Group is one of my favourite PR agencies in Toronto. They are PR people that journalists have some to trust. We know that what they say is what is so. No nonsense and always helpful. They have a high level of integrity. If you choose tcgpr, you're getting some of the best people in Canada to rep your company.
Andy Walker
CyberWalker Media Inc.
I rarely recommend specific articles. However, last Summer the CEO of U.S.-based MM&A demonstrated how not to respond to a crisis (the Lac-Megantic train derailment). Many landlords and property managers may inevitably face crisis situations, so In our July-August 2013 issue, FRPO members (and others) should read David Eisenstadt’s ‘Nine Point Guide for Crisis Communications’. This is excellent info.
Mike Chopowick
FORMER, Editor
FE Magazine - Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario
I have worked with tcgpr for most of my technology career and have enjoyed the professional style and thoroughness with which Dave Eisenstadt and his consultants manage their clients and media contacts. Dave's experience and especially his ability to keep his finger on the technology pulse has certainly made my job as a technology writer more effective. He runs his business like a niche consultancy, offering clients a more personal level of service and experience than the multinationals.
Steve Makris
Technology Writer, PostMedia/Global TV
As technology reporter and columnist for The Globe and Mail, I have worked extensively with David Eisenstadt and The Communications Group and a number of their clients over the past decade. I have always been struck by tcgpr's deft touch with journalists - no unnecessary hectoring, no long silences, just timely and judiciously placed calls. They always seem to know what I want and when I want it, and very prompt with getting answers I need. Not many PR consultancies have this delicate touch. This is particularly impressive considering that high-tech companies are only a part of tcgpr's client list. I recommend them highly to anyone looking for a reputable, solid and imaginative PR consultancy.
Jack Kapica
Former Technology Columnist, Globe and Mail, Report on Business
As a former newspaper editor and currently an editor of two magazines, I find that tcgpr comes to the table with clever and innovative ways of telling stories. Rhoda Eisenstadt and her staff always go above and beyond the call of duty and use their creative flair help us inform and entertain readers.
Gale Beeby
HOMES Magazine & condo life Magazine
tcgpr is a highly - professional PR firm, which makes dealing with their consultants both valuable and beneficial. One of the key advantages they provide the news media - both analysts and journalists - is the opportunity to interact with their clients. The Special Events they manage encourag journalists and clients to have open discussions - ask questions, provide feedback, and forge deep relationships - which benefit all involved. They are committed to strengthening their client's visibility - and as an IT analyst writing as a member of the news media - that's one of their many strengths.
Michelle Warren
MW Research & Consulting / Former Senior Research Analyst, Info Tech
Of all channels through which we receive vendor information, The Communications Group ranks a solid 'solid #1' for clarity of message, succinctness and focus. In our shop, media releases get the standard 15-second editor's scan, but we always read a tcgpr package top to bottom - because we've come to know that, if David and his team send us some thing, it will be relevant to our consumer/SOHO audience. We also appreciate their efficient approach to arranging executive interviews.
Glenn Lisle
Former Publisher &
Man. EditoR,
Monitor Magazine, monitortoday.ca
As publisher of an online news service with a number of titles who scours the Internet daily for relevant, accurate and 'newsy' real estate stories, tcgpr stands out with respect to how well they position their clients and projects. Their Releases are well-crafted and inviting, so we frequently publish them.
Ann White
CEO & Publisher, RENX - Real Estate News Exchange
When 'Communications' is your middle name, you need to live up to that name, and David Eisenstadt and his team do so admirably. They excel at getting the word out to the right people, and they do so in a very professional and efficient manner, with excellent follow-up. When you need to put your best foot forward, contacting The Communiactions Group should be your very first step.
Scott James
Program Director, The Q-FM
David Eisenstadt and I first connected in 1985 when I was a Tech Writer for Computing Canada. That link has endured and continues in my role as the Toronto Sun's New Homes & Condos Editor. The ability to maintain longstanding relationships, I think, is the essence of good PR. His longevity in business as a PR consultant should tell you a lot.
Martin Slofstra
"HOME & 
DECOR", Toronto Sun 
& ottawa sun
urbantoronto.ca’s readers demand information that is often beyond the scope of typical developer handouts. The tcgpr team understands news and the GTA development industry inside and out; they are unfailingly understanding and helpful when as a news editor I require additional information. We are always delighted to hear when they acquire new clients; we know we will be able to forge new working relationships.
Craig White
Editor, urban
Urban Toronto began courting the Toronto Real Estate/Development community, and one of the first to welcome us with open arms was tcgpr. They have become very important to us from an editorial perspective. Whether arranging site tours, providing content, managing special events or keeping us informed about the latest projects, tcgpr's resources are invaluable. It's a true pleasure working with their Team. I recommend them highly.
Edward Skira
President, urban
The Communications Group is an invaluable resource for our coverage of the new homes and condos market in the GTA. Project photos and background information provided by tcgpr, form the backbone of our news and editorial lineups. Their top notch staff also keeps us informed of key events tied to their extensive list of developers and projects they represent.
Patrick Tivy
Former Editor,
HOMES Magazine & condo life Magazine