Aetna Canada was faced with a public relations issue in the Fall of 1997 which was attracting the attention of all major media. Rapid escalation of the matter necessitated immediate thoughtful response with clear strategic messages. The supports and counsel of tcgpr was key in turning this potential nightmare into a corporate success sotry and a win, win, win for all concered.
Patricia Smith
Former Senior VP, Corporate Resource Services, Aetna Life Insurance Company of Canada
How many restaurants have a PR firm like tcgpr? Not any, really
Doug Fisher
FHG International Inc.
tcgpr has a strong understanding of the communication fundamentals. They are an accomplished group with the skill and passion to create and sustain relationships with the many target audiences who are critical to their clients' success.
Susan McIntee
52 Pick-up
Love what you're doing, the new look, the tone. Always have had the greatest regard for your sensibilities and worldview. Continued good fortune.
Nestor Repetski
VP-Client Services, Winick Realty Corp., Brokerage
Over 35 years, L.A. Inc. has worked with tcgpr on numerous client assignments. They are great team players, providing effective PR initiatives on many levels.
Lawrence Ayliffe
Chief Creative Officer,
tcgpr has done an excellent job generating positive publicity for our clients, even garnering a Globe, Post and Star story for one client on the same weekend! We see PR as an integral part of our lead generation process which adds tremendously to the success of our clients' sites. As a busy Agency, we value time efficiencies and always work with a team approach. tcgpr's signficant abilities in managing our client's events as well as assistance in issue and crisis management, have saved us countless hours and added great value.
Lianne McOuat
VP Client ServicE, McOuat Partnership
The Madhouse Advertising team and The Communication Group Inc. have been a part of numerous successful projects for our mutual, elite clientele. Efficient and effective, tcgpr’s participation is vital for a productive marketing strategy, ensuring great results and satisfied clients. We have fostered a strong and successful connection for years, and are eager to continue building on this relationship for future campaigns. The results are apparent; working with the best makes you the best!
Tami Kenwell
President, Madhouse Advertising
The tcgpr team's strategic approach to real estate industry PR certainly supports the sales process for our various high rise clients' developments. They regularly garner quality online, print, social and broadcast news coverage for projects we represent and deliver better than the promised results.
Hunter Milborne
CEO, Milborne Group
As we celebrated our 50th Anniversary during 2005, The Communications Group generated significant media coverage to enhance our company's image to clients, prospects and the insurance industry. In times past, one would compliment tcgpr saying, 'Look in the dictionary under Public Relations and you'd see a photo of the Eisenstadts'. 'Today, Google tcgpr, David Eisenstadt or Media Relations and you'll see how they've garnered a tremendous number of 'hits'.
Ira Kuchinsky
CEO, Paisley -Manor Insurance Brokers Inc.
tcgpr ensured that GTA news media got a clear message as Parkers became the first Canadian dry cleaner to lauch 'Solvair' on April 14/09. Reporters 'aired their dirty laundry' with me and learned about a new, greener, process using a very low-volatility, environmentally-friendly fluid and a gentle no-heat drying technology. As Toronto's oldest and most experienced dry cleaner, and because of tcgpr, we've become the go-to company for journalists interested in the latest industry trends and background.
Gary Fine
President, Parkers Custom Clothing Care
Our relationship with tcgpr began in 1984 at King's Landing at Bathurst Quay . That Arthur Erickson-award winning project was in a pioneering area of Harbourfront . Both our companies were equally pioneers in the marketing and communications of Real Estate. Today, with over 40 successful years experience under their belt , I certainly recommend tcgpr.
Clarence Poirier
/Creative Director,
pb marketing
Think that the ‘P’ in PR stands for Public and the ‘R’ for Relations…and you would only be half right. At tcgpr, the ‘P’ stands for Professional, Provocative, Powerful and the ‘R’ stands for Results. There is no other organization in PMA’s Ontario markets that we have so completely relied upon for outstanding PR support than tcgpr….their performance exemplary, their timing quick and effective, their follow up determined….and on top of that, they are a lot of fun to work with!
Andrew Brethour
chairman, PMA Brethour Realty Group
Over the years, while working at Minto, Colliers and Dundee360, tcgpr has been my go-to PR firm for editorial deliverables. Their real estate industry knowledge, strong writing, creative approach to issues management and attention to all the event details coupled with their breadth of news media contacts and connections, is hard to beat.
Chris Markovic
President, PMA Urban
Hi tcgpr your email blasts. You guys are doing a great job CONGRATULATIONS.
Gerry Ryan
President & Creative DirectoR, RYAN DESIGN
tcgpr has garnered substantial press, radio and TV coverage, generating new business for our professional services firm which has far exceeded our PR program costs. I cannot imagine a more successful PR campaign and will recommend them to any entrepreneur looking for marketing excellence.
Frank Kisluk
Trustee in Bankruptcy,
Thank you for all your efforts during this week's CFA Convention in Ottawa. David, You wore me out!! I greatly appreciate your attention to detail and all the behind-the scenes tcgpr work that went into each meeting.
Melanie Bergeron
Two Men And A Truck
The MIKEY ON BOARD video is the most amazing corporate production I have ever seen. tcgpr did one heck of a job. The creative coupled with the video and unique shots is nothing short of incredible. The flow is wonderful. I don’t know where you might submit this, but you should win an award.
Chuck Resnick
VP, Marketing & Operations, Two Men and A Truck - Canada
Three companies, 11 years, one PR firm. tcgpr is a solid business partner. As former President/COO of Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada and former President/CEO of Anchor Lamina, David Eisenstadt and the tcgpr team provided us with a strong external and internal communications focus, having quickly leanred and understood the corporate cultures.
Harold Lenfesty
Principal, Upper Canada Mediation & Arbitration
Not only does tcgpr do a dynamite job for us by generating substantial press, radio and TV coverage across the country, but they give us a lot more time and attention than we expected as a startup. They have a Media Training and PR formula that really works!
Brent Stucke
President, and Founder Venngo Inc.