Since 2007, I have worked with the tcgpr Team who have provided extensive and targeted PR support to the sales process when I was on the Development side of the business at Skyline, and now at Baker Real Estate working together on lots of projects.
Harley Nakelsky
Senior Vice President, BAKER Real Estate Inc.
tcgpr maximizes every opportunity for news media coverage aimed at prospective high rise and low rise buyers, by getting our message out creatively and quickly. A truly professional firm delivering on-going results.
Linda Mitchell Young
Former VP Marketing, Baker Real Estate
I’ve worked with tcgpr on a handful of projects. Over the years, the Eisenstadt Team constantly delivered positive exposure, provided helpful insights and valuable recommendations.
Rachel Roenspies
Marketing Manager, Residential, Eastern Canada QUADREAL PROPERTY GROUP
tcgpr has been instrumental in exposing our Stone & South condo project in Gananoque and our company to extensive news media outlets in the GTA and Ontario. Thanks to David’s and his Team’s hard work and connections, generating 40 positive articles helping us achieve highly-qualified sales leads to reach our sales goal in the Summer 2018. We look forward to working with tcgpr on future projects.
Gennaro DiSanto
CEO, CaraCo Group of Companies
We’ve become big believers in PR, thanks to Rhoda Eisenstadt's tcgpr. She brings style and a no-nonsense approach to real estate marketing, which garners results. Because of their site-specific PR initiatives, our marketing programs are more cost effective.
Ralph Del Duca
PRESIDENT, Chestnut Hill Homes
A time to celebrate. Four phases of The Merchandise Building, 480 suites, extensive amenity area and retail stores. A massive project that has seen many bright, unique, creative people work hard and contribute to make this project a huge success. Thanks to Rhoda Eisenstadt and staff, for your contribution as our PR consultants.
Dan Casey
Chairman, CresFORD
When it comes to Real Estate PR, tcgpr exhibits lots of savvy. Issues management, new product launches , day-to-day care and nurturing of journalists…they really know how to get it done!
Mitchell Cohen
President, The Daniels Corp
As Daniels Corporation has expanded its building presence throughout the GTA, The Communications Group since 1989, has done a terrific job attracting news media coverage. But more than that, tcgpr has gone beyond our buildings and has ensured that the faces behind our communities, their actions and our collective vision have been extensively reported upon. Well done Rhoda, David and your entire Team.
Niall Haggart
Executive VP, The Daniels Corp
If these (The King Edward Hotel) walls could talk. Congrats on the most successful (King Edward Residences) press launch ever! Front covers, back covers, well-written articles. Outstanding! Many thanks to you, Rhoda, and your entire tcgpr Team.
Jason Lester
Dundee Realty Corp
In my 35+ years business career, I have not met a better public relations company than tcgpr. Rhoda and David Eisenstadt and their dedicated consultants and writers generate frequent and tremendous editorial exposure for our condo projects, in important national, GTA and online media outlets.
Steve Gupta
Chairman, The Gupta Group
Thank you David and tcgpr for your great work on the 2009 EnerQuality Survey Campaign. Since initiating this Survey in 2005, we never achieved as much coverage as we've generated this year. Much appreciated.
Corey McBurney
President, EnerQuality Corp
tcgpr has a strong understanding of the communication fundamentals. They are an accomplished group with the skill and passion to create and sustain relationships with the many target audiences who are critical to their clients' success.
Susan McIntee
52 Pick-up
David Eisenstadt’s tcgpr team represented Fox Harb’r Resort during 2016 and 2017. They did an outstanding job to interest and coordinate the visits of nearly 80 North American travel, golf, tourism and real estate journalists to experience and generate positive coverage for our Nova Scotia North Shore resort. David’s skill to attract and retain outstanding relationships with journalists is exceptional. His personal attention, to ensure each had the information, insight and guidance so their published stories were accurate, compelling and interesting in many highly-acclaimed online, print and broadcast outlets. I especially appreciated David’s hands-on approach on our successful media FAMs. We look forward to working with your Team again….soon!
Kevin Toth
tcgpr is a valued partner to our business and has been instrumental in raising the profile of our industry association (Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario), and the creation of the 'CRB Program' brand and reputation in the Ontario consumer marketplace. Their skills, experience and professional advice have been spot-on, whenever challenges have presented themselves. We look forward to a long and continuing relationship with them for many years to come.
Ted Whitehead
DirECTOR of Certification, CRBP, FRPO
Since 2003, David Eisenstadt and his tcgpr team did an excellent job helping the Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario promote and raise the profile of the Association and our hallmark Certified Rental Building Program (CRBP), a global first. It was a pleasure to work with David over the past 10 years, to ensure that our industry’s message got out when a major issue was in the news, and to generate extensive coverage for CRBP in many markets across Ontario.
Vince Brescia
Former President & CEO, FRPO
It was a pleasure to have worked with tcgpr through the Touchstone on the Lake Muskoka file. It was a challenging project with many obstacles that we were jointly able to work through as a team. Enjoy this ‘I survived the Touchstone Auction’ gavel, as a memento of this assignment.
Manson Slik
Broker, Gordon’s Estate Services Ltd.
Rhoda Eisenstadt and her dedicated Communications Group Team have successfully kept our project, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Residences, highly visible, since launching in October 2005. Having helped us achieve BILD's 2006 'Project of the Year' Award, speaks volumes about tcgpr's commitment and tireless efforts on our behalf. They can do it all!
Steve Gutfreund
FORMER Senior VP, Graywood Developments Ltd
Since 1980, The Heron Group of Companies has retained tcgpr as our consultants. With their support and training, I have learned, as corporate spokesperson, to better understand the news media. This has been returned tenfold and as a result, the Heron Group, Hugh Heron and The Mikey Network have become respected brands. Thanks, tcgpr!
Hugh Heron
President, Heathwood Homes / HERITY
Over 35 years, L.A.Inc. has worked with tcgpr on numerous client assignments. They are great team players, providing effective PR initiatives on many levels.
Lawrence Ayliffe
Chief Creative Officer,
For Lindvest's award-winning B.streets condominium project, the professionals at tcgpr have been an integral part of our consulting team. They helped attract positive print and online media coverage , highlight the uniqueness of the project to prospective purchasers, and attract a loyal following that led us to win 2012 Project of the Year from both OHBA and BILD. We thank tcgpr for their contribution to the remarkable success of B.streets.
Michoel Klugmann
VP, Lindvest Properties Limited
tcgpr has done an excellent job generating positive publicity for our clients, even garnering a Globe, Post and Star story for one client on the same weekend! We see PR as an integral part of our lead generation process which adds tremendously to the success of our clients' sites. As a busy Agency, we value time efficiencies and always work with a team approach. tcgpr's signficant abilities in managing our client's events as well as assistance in issue and crisis management, have saved us countless hours and added great value.
Lianne McOuat
VP Client Service, McOuat Partnership
The Madhouse Advertising team and The Communication Group Inc. have been a part of numerous successful projects for our mutual, elite clientele. Efficient and effective, tcgpr’s participation is vital for a productive marketing strategy, ensuring great results and satisfied clients. We have fostered a strong and successful connection for years, and are eager to continue building on this relationship for future campaigns. The results are apparent; working with the best makes you the best!
Tami Kenwell
President, Madhouse Advertising
Thanks David, for your great PR work on our Calgary car free condo project, N3.
Howard Sokoloski
For our Gananoque, ON Stone & South waterfront condo development, during the Spring and Summer of 2018, the Eisenstadt-led tcgpr team consistently delivered exceptional news coverage across multi-channel online and print publications, and always in a timely and creative manner. The results - 40 articles - speak volumes. Highly qualified buyer traffic and firm sales. The shovel is now in the ground!
Mariah Hamilton
FORMER Regional Director, Marketing & Business Development, Milborne Group
We appointed tcgpr, as a knowledgeable real estate PR firm, to help strengthen the Monarch image and spcifically to publicize our various high-rise condo and low-rise projects. When we completed a corporate re-branding in late 2001/early 2002, and our 85th and 90th Anniversaries, tcgpr also publicized the news. In 2010, we continue to be pleased with their professionalism and results delivered.
Brian K. Johnston
Former President, Monarch Corp.
Our relationship with tcgpr began in 1984 at King's Landing at Bathurst Quay . That Arthur Erickson-award winning project was in a pioneering area of Harbourfront . Both our companies were equally pioneers in the marketing and communications of Real Estate. Today, with over 40 successful years experience under their belt , I certainly recommend tcgpr.
Clarence Poirier
President /
Creative DiR.,
pb marketing
Think that the ‘P’ in PR stands for Public and the ‘R’ for Relations…and you would only be half right. At tcgpr, the ‘P’ stands for Professional, Provocative, Powerful and the ‘R’ stands for Results. There is no other organization in PMA’s Ontario markets that we have so completely relied upon for outstanding PR support than tcgpr….their performance exemplary, their timing quick and effective, their follow up determined….and on top of that, they are a lot of fun to work with!
Andrew Brethour
CHAIRMAN / PRESIDENT, PMA Brethour Realty Group
Over the years, while working at Minto, Colliers and Dundee360, tcgpr has been my go-to PR firm for editorial deliverables. Their real estate industry knowledge, strong writing, creative approach to issues management and attention to all the event details coupled with their breadth of news media contacts and connections, is hard to beat.
Chris Markovic
President, PMA Urban
Tremendous editorial coverage was garnered for us by tcgpr, announcing our strategic partnership with Milborne Real Estate in February 2017. As a South Florida luxury real estate sales company, we sought to establish a Canadian footprint and introduce two of our clients with top-drawer brands (Ritz-Carlton Sunny Isles and FENDI) to targeted GTA real estate and business journalists. Our shout out goes to David Eisenstadt and his Team for making it happen quickly, efficiently and painlessly.
Mark Pordes
CEO, Pordes Residential
Hi tcgpr your email blasts. You guys are doing a great job CONGRATULATIONS.
Gerry Ryan
President & Creative Director, RYAN DESIGN
Thanks to the tcgpr Team for all your hard work in pulling off a very successful GTA launch event in March 2015 for RENOMii and Mii Casa software products.
Scott Barker
CEO / Co-founder, RENOMii Corp.
Excellent job, Rhoda and your team. You are at the top of the public relations industry! You can quote me on that.
Michael Sneyd
If you want real PR that works and effective implementation and collaboration - use tcgpr! Whenever there is a big project and story to tell, they come through.
Harley Nakelsky
FORMER VP Sales and Marketing, STREETCAR
The Communications Group has played an important role as an extension of the tasdesignbuild Marketing team. Rhoda Eisenstadt's firm has a strong understanding of how to create and implement a strategy-based approach and how to help build marketing initiatives with the right PR support. A pleasure working with tcgpr.
Mazyar Mortazavi
Principal, tas
Having spent 30+ years working on many of the GTA's most significant communities for the very best real estate developers, staff and consultants, tcgpr along with my team has been a part of many projects, always generating first rate results and bringing credibility to the table. When it's time to make news, they are right on the money, all the time.
Mark Cohen
Sr.VP/ Founding Partner, The Condo Store
The Communications Group has really helped put Urbanation on the map. With their assistance we are frequently in print and TV media and have become the go-to source for statistics and market research on the Toronto condominium industry. Without David Eisenstadt's media contacts, we would have been unable to achieve the high level of exposure to the ever-expanding and wide ranging players in the condo market that has led to our increased subscription base and consulting portfolio.
Ben Myers
Former EVP, Urbanation
It was important to our newly-amalgamated property development business that we chose the right PR firm as part of our overall marketing and sales strategy. While PR was a new experience, tcgpr delivered cost-efficient results. Media coverage from their writing and contacts has been significant.
Ashley Ross
President, Urban Works
Love what you're doing, the new look, the tone. Always have had the greatest regard for your sensibilities and worldview. Continued good fortune.
Nestor Repetski
VP-Client Services, Winick Realty Corp., Brokerage
Our relationship with tcgpr spans decades. Simply put, they are the best in the business. We cannot imagine launching a Wycliffe Homes project without the steady hands-on approach of the Eisenstadts and their terrific team, which makes our relationship really tick, and that is their most valuable asset. We look forward to a continued, long and successful relationship together.
Jared Bensky
VP, Development, Wycliffe Homes
I’ve worked with tcgpr on a handful of projects. Over the years, the Eisenstadt Team constantly delivered positive exposure, provided helpful insights and valuable recommendations.
Rachel Roenspies
Marketing Manager, Residential, Eastern Canada QUADREAL PROPERTY GROUP
In 1991, Brookfield retained tcgpr to help make BCE Place a true downtown Toronto destination property for businesses and visitors alike. As our PR consultants, you were able to get the news spotlight focusses on our real estate marketplace and keept it there. During the nearly 10 year term of the engagement, tcgpr, as a true Brookfield team player, certainly delivered the goods.
John Campbell
Former VP Marketing, Brookfield
Say Real Estate PR, say The Communications Group Inc. Rhoda Eisenstadt and staff are definitely the most knowledgeable and experienced PR people in our industry, representing the 'A List' of real estate clients in the GTA. Site launches, special events, strategic planning, media relations and issues management...they continue to do it all, very well.
Pat Baker
CEO, Baker Real Estate inc.