TORONTO, June 10, 2014….Developer Dundee Kilmer has announced plans to hand-pick health and wellness retail and commercial tenants, to further promote business sustainability and create a destination neighbourhood at the Canary District
Working with development advisors Live Work Learn Play Inc., all retail and commercial tenants will be selected using criteria such as their concept, quality of experience and previous retail track record – to ensure long-term fit and viability within the community.
With over than 46,000 sq. ft. of ground floor retail space along Front St. from Cherry St. to Bayview Ave., the mid-rise Canary District will house 26 unique and complementary businesses occupying spaces of between 400 to 4,100 sq. ft., upon completion beginning in 2016.
“We have an opportunity to make the Canary District one of the city’s most attractive mixed-use communities by selecting a special group of businesses that cater to local residents’ needs,” says Dundee Kilmer President, Jason Lester. “We understand the right retail and commercial mix is critical to achieve that goal, maximizing the marketability and profitability of this project.”
Dundee Kilmer is pursuing a range of operators in key categories including health and wellness retail (e.g. a destination sports and recreation outfitter, cycling shop, yoga studio, etc.), cafes and restaurants, and neighbourhood conveniences and amenities including a bank and an urban-format grocery store. “This is very much a mixed-use neighbourhood, so we need to give people a reason to not only live here, but also to eat, shop and use other services that appeal to their interests,” Lester adds.
Businesses selected for tenancy throughout the Canary District will be mainly local or regional independent operators. Dundee Kilmer is already pursuing relationships with brand name retailers.
The developer employed a similar approach to selecting commercial tenants when it was tasked with reimagining Toronto’s historic Dundee Distillery. Since re-opening in 2003, the Distillery District has become a thriving commercial destination and one of Toronto’s top tourism attractions.
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Retail leasing opportunities at Canary District
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