Ceridian Canada Launches ‘Ceridian for Small Business’ People & Pay Services Tailored for Small Business

Businesses with less than 50 employees get ‘one-stop’ shop with the same services as large companies of 1,000 or more
MARKHAM, ON – February 15, 2012 — Ceridian Canada Ltd., a leading human capital management solutions provider, today officially launched a new online service that gives small business owners all the tools necessary to pay and manage their people in one convenient location. Ceridian for Small Business www.ceridiansmallbusiness.ca provides employee-related solutions, which will result in up to a 9% reduction in labour costs for organizations with less than 50 employees.
Ceridian Canada President Dave McKay said, “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, but they are unnecessarily burdened when it comes to managing people in a fast paced environment. Too many services, with unrealistic pricing, distributed across too many providers has meant that small business owners have been unable to identify and draw upon the resources they need. With Ceridian for Small Business, we want to level the playing field and support their growth by putting all the latest high-quality tools at their fingertips at the prices they can afford.”
Ceridian for Small Business provides a single-source provision of employee-related services by allowing employers to simply go online to arrange the monthly service plan that best suits their needs. Upon registering, they can access Ceridian’s range of on-demand services when the need arises on matters such as employment law advice, recruiting, background checking and training.
Nick Thomson, Ceridian Canada’s Vice President of Corporate Development and leading the delivery of this project said, “The reality is when it comes to getting the most out of your people in any size of business, you need to go beyond simply paying people. By visiting our site, customers can not only source the combination of solutions they need to manage their team day-to-day, but also respond professionally to those unexpected people problems.”
Ceridian for Small Business helps small business owners ensure they are fulfilling all Canada Revenue Agency requirements and complying with employment standards legislation. The site also gives users access to experienced HR advisors who can offer as-needed advice on a range of subjects including payroll, employment standards compliance, recruitment and employee support — all in one online destination.
The range of services includes:
Ceridian Pay: Small business owners can securely and confidentially enter, preview and submit payroll information; easily pay employees by cheque or direct deposit; and access CPA-qualified support teams for advice and support.
Ceridian Pay is based on Ceridian’s industry-leading PowerPay Web payroll engine, which supports more than 35,000 customers in Canada.
Ceridian Track Time: Increases the accuracy of payroll and reduces labour costs by up to 5%. Helps employers reduce labour and administrative payroll costs by improving absence management; minimizing payroll errors through a direct interface to payroll; preventing time theft/buddy punching and building accurate schedules matched to business demands while ensuring employers comply with provincial and federal employment standards.
Ceridian Assist: Designed to help employers provide support for their employees with workplace and personal issues. This solution helps reduce absenteeism and turnover and increases productivity. Many employees don’t feel comfortable talking to their managers; Assist offers confidential resources and tools to the employees to help them address workplace or personal issues.
Ceridian Screen: Helps customers go beyond the traditional interview process by engaging specialists to perform comprehensive background screenings on employment candidates. Private and confidential, Screen lets you know if the employee is the right person for your company. Forgery-proof online delivery of results ensures security in the hiring process.
Ceridian Recruit: Stops employers from struggling to find great people on their own. Ceridian writes job advertisements and posts on at least two job boards, short lists resumes and performs background checks.
Ceridian HR Advisory: HR Resources on call include: preparing compliant employment contracts, handbooks and policies, unlimited on call support from employment lawyers, advisors, and access to online resources.
Ceridian KnowHow: No more searching Google or tracking down reputable advisors when employee issues or questions arise. When challenges occur, call Ceridian to help solve problems quickly and professionally.
“Customers who sign up with Ceridian for Small Business before March 31, 2012, will get their payroll setup fee waived and their first month of payroll processing free,” added Mr. Thomson.
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