CALGARY, AB August 23, 2010 Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, recently announced its new Multi-Domain Management software blades – Global Policy and Security Domain – that deliver virtual security management to businesses of all sizes.  The new software blades enable businesses to segment their security management into virtual domains while consolidating their hardware infrastructure. In addition, the new software blades allow for stronger and better security with the deployment of consistent global policies across all domains.
To handle the increasing security complexity of their environment, IT administrators can now simplify management by segmenting security into virtual domains based on location, business unit or security function.  The Multi-Domain Management software blades, based on proven Provider-1 technology, help administrators consolidate their security management whilesimultaneously preserving the independence of each domain.  For example, businesses can centralizethe configuration and management oftheir firewall, VPN, IPS and othersecurity protections across domains while maintaining separation of duties across each security function with a granular role-based administration.  In addition, through the Global Policy Software Blade, administrators can achieve better and stronger security by enforcing a common security baseline and sharing a common network topology across multiple domains.
“Check Point has led innovation in the security management market for close to two decades, helping organizations achieve greater operational efficiency and better overall security,” said Paul Comessotti, Check Point’s Canadian Country Manager. “We introduce a unique and flexible solution that further simplifies security while leveraging customers’ existing infrastructure, at an unbeatable price point for any businesses.”
Customers can easily deploy the Multi-Domain Management Software Blades into their current security management, simplifying IT administration and leveraging their existing infrastructure. With a single click of the mouse, organizations can expand their security management at any time, deploying new security domains for as little as $1,500 per Domain Software Blade. Check Point’s Multi-Domain Software Blades are also available as dedicated SMART-1 appliances for easy plug-and-play. For more information, visit:
“The Multi-Domain Management blade has been critical to our success by giving us the ability to separate our environments by management function,” said Brian Clark, network engineer at Commonwealth Financial Network. “With this separation we are able to delegate responsibilities on a per function and user basis as our security administration policies change.”
Key features and benefits of the Multi-Domain Management Software Blade:

  • Centralized monitoring for all gateways and multi-domain system components in a single management console
  • Increased management flexibility and accuracy with enhanced role-based administration and granular control
    • Increased efficiency with consistent global policies across domains
    • Reduced hardware investment and overall lower total cost of ownership

“Our Software Blade architecture makes it easy for companies to consolidate their security management. With today’s newest software blades, it is now easy to segment this security management into virtual domain providing the benefits of consolidation while maintaining the flexibility needed for each domain,” said Comessotti.
The Check Point Multi-Domain Management Software Bladescan be purchased through the Check Point worldwide network of value-added resellers. To find a Check Point partner, visit:

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