Check Point’s new vision redefines security by combining policies, people and enforcement for unbeatable protection
CALGARY, AB – MARCH 29, 2011Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, recently announced 3D Security, a new vision that redefines security as a three-dimensional business process by combining policies, people and enforcement for stronger protection across all layers of security. With 3D Security, corporations can now implement a blueprint for security that goes beyond technology to ensure the integrity of all information security.
“To achieve the level of protection needed in the 21st century, security needs to grow from a mere collection of technologies to a business process that incorporates three major dimensions – policies, people and enforcement,” said Paul Comessotti, Check Point’s Canadian Regional Director. “Check Point’s 3D Security vision redefines security as a business process that will enable companies to achieve the required level of security while streamlining operations.”
Check Point 3D Security enables organizations to transform security into a business process by integrating the three following dimensions: policy, people and enforcement.

  • Policy: Security starts with a well-defined and widely understood policy that outlines the organization needs and strategies. Most organizations today do not have such a policy; instead companies rely on lists of system-level checks and on a collection of disparate technologies that do not always deliver the desired level of security.
  • People: Users of IT systems are a critical part of the security process. It is often users who make mistakes that result in malware infections and information leakage. Most organizations do not pay much attention to the involvement of users in the security process, when in fact, employees need to be informed and educated on the security policy and their expected behavior when surfing the Internet or sharing sensitive data. At the same time, security should be as seamless and transparent as possible and should not change the way users work.
  • Enforcement: Security is about gaining better control over the many layers of protection.

Unfortunately, corporations often find themselves losing control over the disparate policies from various point products. In many cases security systems generate violation reports but do not enforce the policy. Companies should and can achieve a higher level of visibility and control by consolidating their security infrastructure, and using systems that prevent security incidents rather than just detecting them.
“To improve security, businesses should rely on a combination of technology, policy and people. Recognizing this need for ’defense in depth’, Check Point’s vision for 3D Security aligns with a lot of the security needs and business priorities we hear from customers,” said John Grady, senior analyst, Security Products research at IDC. “By adding an educational element and giving employees the opportunity to participate in the security process, businesses can significantly reduce their risks.”
Today, Check Point also announced the release of Check Point R75, the first major network security release to implement elements of this multi-dimensional approach. For more information on Check Point 3D Security and the Check Point R75 release, please visit:
“Companies should look at security as a business enabler. Check Point 3D Security redefines security as a business process that will help customers develop a proactive blueprint for stronger, better security,” added Comessotti.

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