Optimized for financial trading applications, the Security Acceleration Module features 108 security cores to provide customers an unprecedented combination of security and performance
CALGARY, AB – June 1, 2012 – Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, recently announced the introduction of the new Security Acceleration Module designed to meet the unique needs of high-performance and low latency customer environments. With Check Point’s advanced SecurityCore™ technology, the Security Acceleration Module enables customers to achieve 110 Gbps of firewall throughput and sub-five micro second (5 µs) latency — enabling the industry’s highest-performing two rack-unit firewall.
For many high-performance applications and data-centers, low network latency is a critical success factor. For example, financial trading and investment companies rely on rapid execution of transactions, where opportunities can appear and disappear in microseconds. For such performance-sensitive environments, the Security Acceleration Module offers an unprecedented combination of security and performance.
The Security Acceleration Module features innovative, purpose-built SecurityCore™ hardware technology that uses the power of parallel processing to accelerate key security operations. With 108 security cores, network security traffic can be offloaded from the general purpose CPU to the Security Acceleration Module, enabling customers to run many security functions in highly-demanding network environments.
“Many companies running high-performance network applications are faced with the competing demands of security and speed,” said Paul Comessotti, Canadian Regional Director, Check Point Software Technologies. “By providing innovative technology and access to a large number of security cores, the Security Acceleration Module allows customers to significantly boost network performance to near wire speed so security and performance doesn’t have to be a choice.”
The Security Acceleration Module is ideal for financial trading companies, service providers and data centers where network latency has a critical impact on their business. The new Security Acceleration Module delivers unprecedented hardware acceleration capabilities, significantly boosting performance and enabling customers to achieve a session rate of 300,000 connections per second and a forwarding rate of 60 million packets per second with only microseconds of network latency. These new levels of performance enable customers to secure even the highest performing applications and maintain the flow of business.
Key features of the Security Acceleration Module:

  • Designed for Low Latency Environments – Ideal for transaction-oriented environments, the acceleration module delivers sub five micro-seconds of network latency, enabling security in high-performance environments with minimal latency.
  • New SecurityCore™ Technology With purpose-built hardware acceleration to improve the power of security processing, the Security Acceleration Module features 108 dedicated security cores for ultra-fast security performance.
  • Maximum Security and Performance Offers maximum security and performance of business-critical applications, with up to 110 Gbps of firewall throughput and an overall system power boost to 2,900 SecurityPower™ Units in the 21400 Appliance. Customers also benefit from lightning fast performance with 300,000 connections per second and 9X the forwarding rate with up to 60 million packets per second.

“We’re pleased to introduce our Security Acceleration Module with its advanced SecurityCore technology, bringing customers the best of both worlds — proven security protections with industry-leading performance,” concluded Comessotti.
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