New Check Point security system secures the data centre of the future, bringing customers scalable protection on a platform ready for over 1 Tbps of performance
CALGARY, AB – September 7, 2011…Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, today unveiled the new Check Point  61000 security system, the industry’s fastest security gateway, to customers and partners live at The NASDAQ Marketsite Studio in Times Square, New York. The new 61000 security system offers scalable performance for data centres, telecommunication and cloud service providers, with a multi-bladed hardware platform that is capable of an unprecedented performance of more than 1Tbps in a single firewall and 200 Gbps this year. The new system supports 70 million concurrent connections and 600,000 sessions per second – bringing unparalleled security performance to multi-transaction environments.
Check Point also introduced today a new release R75.20 based on the Software Blade Architecture, a new data centre appliance, the Check Point 21400, and a new metric for security performance – SecurityPower. The new metric allows customers to estimate their security needs and compare it to the SecurityPower Units (SPU) rating of each security solution – improving the accuracy of performance measurements for appliances under security attack and during day-to-day operations.
The Check Point 61000 boasts a SecurityPower of up to 14,600 SPUs today, providing the power equivalent to approximately 150 of today’s typical enterprise appliances and more than 12 times the performance of high-end appliances available on the market.
“When it comes to protecting the most demanding network environments, security and performance are two critical factors that cannot be compromised. The 61000 is designed from the ground-up to support the unique service requirements of data centres and service providers.
It combines advanced security technologies to control network access and protect against sophisticated attacks, web-based threats or infected mobile devices – while providing lightning-fast security performance,” said Paul Comessotti, Check Point’s Canadian Regional Director. “Today, we’re raising the bar in securing the data centre of the future. Our customers now benefit from a multi-hardware blade and multi-software blade gateway that can grow with additional hardware and software innovation and is designed to accelerate network security.”
The new Check Point 61000 brings to market a platform for 3D Security that enables businesses to protect against the rise of blended threats in high-speed environments. The new appliance is a scalable system that can contain up to 12 gateway modules with a capacity of over 1Tbps. The 61000 throughput ranges scale up to 200 Gbps in a single firewall instance and achieves world-record Intrusion Prevention (IPS) performance of 85 Gbps based on a default profile or 40 Gbps based on a recommended security profile and real-world traffic mix. With the 61000 Appliance, customers can easily optimize and consolidate any number of security protections available with Check Point’s Software Blade Architecture, such as: Firewall, VPN, IPS, URL Filtering, Antivirus, and Application Control into a single, integrated solution.
Key Features and Benefits:  

  • Ground-breaking Performance – Advanced multi-core acceleration technologies enable exceptional firewall throughput capable of over 1Tbps and deliver up to 200 Gbps in 2011 in a single firewall instance. Check Point 61000 SecurityPower offers up-to 14,600 SPU (Security Power Units). The system supports 70 million concurrent connections and 600,000 sessions per second providing unprecedented capacity to the most demanding environments.
  • Full System Redundancy and Serviceability – The 61000 system delivers business continuity and serviceability through features such as hot-swappable redundant power supplies. For optimal reliability, Check Point ClusterXL in High Availability and Load Sharing modes operate between Security Gateway Modules in one chassis. Check Point SyncXL enables highly efficient synchronization of system and security information between components in order to ensure high system performance. Two 61000 chassis operate in High Availability mode to eliminate down-time.
  • Telecommunication networking standards – The 61000 system supports the required protocols in modern environments, including: IPv4, IPv6 and Dynamic and Multicast Routing.
  • Comprehensive Security with Software Blades – The 61000 system supports the Check Point 3D Security vision of combining policies, people and enforcement for unbeatable protection and is optimized to enable any combination of Software Blades including: Firewall, VPN, IPS, URL Filtering, Antivirus, Application Control and many others.
  • Fast Deployment – Customers benefit from central management with SmartCentre and Provider-1, as well as fast deployment, with implementation of the first hardware blade in less than 30 minutes.

“For the first time in the industry, we’re giving large data centres and service providers the power, extensibility and performance needed to secure the data centre of the future. We are thrilled to introduce this level of performance advancement to the industry and will continue to raise the bar in security,” concluded Comessotti.
The 61000 Appliance is available immediately. For more information on product functionality and specifications, please visit:

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