Check Point Introduces New Family of Software Blade Gateways, Delivering Unmatched Security, Power and Leading Performance to Businesses of All Sizes
CALGARY, AB – October 6, 2011 – Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, recently unveiled a new family of security appliances to customer and partners during a live webcast with Gil Shwed, founder, chairman and CEO. The seven new appliances are optimized for Check Point’s Software Blade Architecture™ and offer approximately three times higher performance than their predecessors. Check Point’s new line of appliances, from the desktop 2200 model up to the 21400 model, offers a range of price and performance that starts at $3,600 and scales up to 100 Gbps of firewall throughput and up to 2,900 SecurityPower™ units (SPUs), a new metric for security performance recently announced. In addition, the new security appliances are designed to support the new 64 bit operating system and enable customers to benefit from consolidated security, simplified management and unique mobile access features. From small businesses to large enterprises and data centers, Check Point provides customers with a powerful platform to build their 3D Security blueprint.
“In a world where all industries and organizations face an ever-increasing number of sophisticated threats, there is a need for a stronger security solution to control network access, prevent data loss and protect against web-based threats,” said Paul Comessotti, Check Point’s Canadian Regional Director. “With our latest line of appliances, customers can achieve new levels of integrated protection with the higher connection capacity and triple performance needed to power their business.”
With the new family of appliances, Check Point is introducing the broadest range of security solutions to help businesses of all sizes overcome the myriad of threats in modern day IT environments — integrating more security functions, while improving bandwidth and accelerating network speeds. The new security appliances — which include seven new models, the 2200, 4200, 4600, 4800, 12200, 12400 and 12600 appliances, as well as the powerful 21400 Appliance recently announced on August 2 — are all designed to optimize Check Point’s award-winning Software Blade Architecture™ and support the company’s vision for 3D security, combining policies, people and enforcement for unbeatable protection. With advanced multi-core technology, customers benefit from outstanding performance of 3 to 100 Gbps in firewall throughput, 2 to 21 Gbps in IPS throughput and 114 to 2,900 SecurityPower Units (SPUs) — providing businesses with the trusted security they need and the performance levels they want.
Check Point’s high-performing appliances are designed to support any combination of software blade protections, including: FirewallVPNIntrusion PreventionApplication Control, Mobile AccessData Loss PreventionIdentity AwarenessURL FilteringAnti-spamAntivirus, Advanced Networking and Acceleration, as well as Check Point’s new Anti-Bot Software Blade. By consolidating security into a single, integrated solution, organizations of all sizes have the flexibility to customize their security infrastructure based on the precise level of protection and performance needed in any environment — today and as their businesses grow.
“Many customers are looking for an integrated approach to security that can evolve with their business without breaking the budget,” said Chris Christensen, vice president, Security Products and Services at IDC Research. “The combination of Check Point’s high-performing appliances and extensible software blade protection is a flexible solution that helps businesses plan for future security needs.”
Key Features and Benefits of Check Point’s New Appliances:

  • 2200 Appliance — A branch and small office solution in an enterprise-grade desktop package reaching 3 Gbps firewall performance, 2 Gbps IPS throughput and 114 SPUs – providing leading price/performance starting at $3,600.
  • 4200 Appliance — An entry-level enterprise security appliance ideal for small and mid-size businesses, with 3 Gbps firewall throughput, 2 Gbps IPS throughput and 114 SPUs, in addition to a variety of copper and fiber connectivity options.
  • 4600 Appliance — An enterprise security appliance with superior networking performance, achieving 374 SPUs, 9 Gbps of firewall performance and 4 Gbps IPS throughput – providing four times higher performance than other solutions in the same price range.
  • 4800 Appliance — An enterprise security appliance, achieving up to 623 SPU, 11 Gbps of firewall performance and 6 Gbps IPS throughput for outstanding multi-blade performance with 10 Gb fiber connectivity options.
  • 12200 Appliance — A 1U data center-grade security appliance reaching 738 SPU, 15 Gbps firewall performance and 8 Gbps IPS throughput with optional system redundancy of power supply and hard drives. In addition, the 12200 supports
    Check Point VSX with up to 10 virtual systems.
  • 12400 Appliance — A data center-grade security appliance that achieves 1,046 SPUs, 25 Gbps of firewall performance and 12 Gbps IPS throughput, providing three times the performance and double the port density than other solutions in the same price range. Check Point’s 12400 Appliance supports Check Point VSX with up to 50 virtual systems.
  • 12600 Appliance — The larger data center-grade security appliance model raises the bar with higher connection capacity and achieves up to 1,861 SPUs, 30 Gbps firewall performance and 17 Gbps for IPS throughput – delivering superior SecurityPower for optimal software blade performance. The 12600 also allows customers to support up to 150 virtual systems with Check Point VSX.
  • 21400 Appliance (announced August 2011) — A 2U data center solution that combines high-speed networking technologies with lightning fast firewall throughput of up to 100 Gbps, IPS throughput of up to 21 Gbps and 2,900 SPUs. The 21400 also includes high port density of up to 37 ports or 12 10GbE ports, enabling customers to easily secure highly-segmented network environments. The 21400 also allows customers to support up to 250 virtual systems with Check Point VSX.

Each new appliance includes Check Point’s market leading security management software and the company’s Mobile Access Software Blade that enables secure connectivity of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
To learn more, listen to the webcast with Gil Shwed, founder, chairman and CEO of Check Point, as he introduces the new family of appliances to the market:
“Our focus remains on providing our customers with the highest level of security, while integrating and simplifying their security. With systems that are three times faster, customers can continue to elevate their security, without sacrificing performance.” concluded Comessotti.
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Pricing and Availability
The new Check Point appliances are available immediately. Pricing begins at $3,600. For more information on product features and specifications, please visit:

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