New diet curbs hunger, satisfies your sweet tooth
MontrÉal, PQ…May 20, 2011 – LAURA’S WEIGH INC., home of The MAGIC MUFFIN DIET has opened its first Canadian store in Montréal at 5522 ch. Cote St. Luc.
Founder Laura Iny, a native Montréaler started making diet muffins 25 years ago, “every time I had to drop 10-20 pounds. Family and friends also turned to me in desperation when they felt their weight was out of control, so I would always bake a few batches for them until they felt they had their weight under control.
“I often joked that I was a professional dieter, so it seemed fitting that I turned dieting into a profession”, added Ms. Iny.
“Diets fail because people get hungry. The reason The Magic Muffin Diet™ works is because we take the hunger out of dieting. We bake and package thirty-five 100-calorie muffins at 55 grams each, which is a wonderful satisfying size for a muffin.”
Made from natural ingredients and with no preservatives, “our muffins come in four flavours: blueberry bran, oatmeal cranberry, carrot and double chocolate.
“You get 5 muffins a day, two fruits, eight to 10 ounces of protein, which could be fish, chicken or lean meat, plenty of vegetables and salad. This is the allotted food for your day and you have the flexibility to space them out whenever you want, according to your lifestyle.”
Flexibility is key since the dieter can split proteins between lunch and dinner, and save one of our muffins for a late night snack. She adds, “A dieter must drink with each muffin because they are so full of fibre that the liquid works with the fibre to make you feel full”.
Ms. Iny went public with this diet in 2009, when her doctor got on it, lost weight, and started telling her patients about it. “Word of mouth spread like wildfire, creating a demand so tremendous that I could no longer bake at home oven, she said.”
Ms. Iny has many customers and is singlehandedly responsible for hundreds if not thousands of pounds being shed by her clients. Some people have been eating her muffins for over a year now and continue buying them even when they have lost weight.
According to Ms. Iny, “average weight loss is between five to 10 pounds the first week, and two to four pounds every week after that.”

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