McAfee, Inc. Adds Another Tool to Fight the War on Cybercrime

Hacking Exposed Live Webcast Series Provides Education on Protecting Against Cyberattacks Like ‘Operation Aurora’
MARKHAM, ON – January 19, 2010– McAfee, Inc. (NYSE:MFE) today announced the next event in its complimentary monthly “Hacking Exposed Live” webcast series designed to educate attendees on how to protect against cybercrime and hackers. The monthly webcast hosted by McAfee Senior Vice President and General Manager of Risk and Compliance, Stuart McClure, walks attendees through the latest hacking techniques and which countermeasures can be deployed to prevent them from being exploited.
The January 21 webcast will feature two white-hot security topics: BotNets and ‘Operation Aurora.’ ‘Operation Aurora,’ otherwise known as the cyberattack targeted at Google and other major companies, which leveraged the zero-day vulnerability recently discovered in Internet Explorer. McAfee Worldwide Chief Technology Officer, George Kurtz, and McAfee Senior Director, Greg Brown, will join McClure to enlighten attendees on how hackers are exploiting these vulnerabilities and what can be done to prevent them from impacting businesses. To learn more about Aurora click here.
Based on the best-selling security book, Hacking Exposed, this live monthly webcast gives attendees deep insights into current and evolving hacks and what they can do to keep their environments protected. The webinars include everything attendees need to know to stay ahead of those who would cause harm. The sessions will also address the universe of hacks involving social media, mobile, UNIX and beyond.
“As the complexity, volume and financial reward of hacks targeting companies of every size continue to increase at alarming rates, it’s important to share critical and timely information to enable businesses battling these malicious attacks,” said McClure. “McAfee is committed to developing and sharing tools that enable a proper defense against hackers and infuse guidance on a strong vulnerability management program.”
Interest in the topic of cybercrime and how to protect against hacks is growing rapidly. In response, the “Hacking Exposed Live” webcasts are intended to be the cornerstone of a community of like-minded security professionals willing to share knowledge to thwart hackers before they can do harm. To that end, future monthly events will feature well-known security industry guest speakers to ensure everyone attending has the broadest expertise available.
To learn more and register, please visit: Upcoming “Hacking Exposed Live” webcast topics include: Botnets, Compliance, Data Exfiltration, Footprinting/Scanning, Identity Theft, Passwords, Privacy, and Web Hacking.

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