McAfee, Inc. Provides Security for Two-Thirds of All Secure USB Device Manufacturers

Secure USB Manufacturers Rely on McAfee for Malware Protection 
MARKHAM, ON – July 6, 2010 — McAfee, Inc. (NYSE:MFE) today announced that it has original equipment manufacturer (OEM) relationships to provide anti-virus (AV) technology to two-thirds of world’s secured universal serial bus (USB) device manufacturers. McAfee has OEM partnerships with USB manufacturers that include Kingston Digital Inc, MXI, Rocky Mountain Ram, SanDisk, SPYRUS, Hagiwara, and Yoggie Security Systems (see attached quote sheet). From consumers to enterprises, and especially in highly regulated industries, there is a growing demand for secured USB devices.
One of the most popular mobile productivity devices today is high-capacity, removable USB media storage. The increased reliance on USB devices inside and outside of the corporate environment has driven the need to ensure these devices do not become a conduit for malware. McAfee protects users from infection with an automatic anti-malware scan that prohibits file transfers to the secure USB drive when it detects infection on a host PC. McAfee technology protects against malware attaching to the portable drive and infecting an internal enterprise host.
“Whether it’s intellectual property, confidential information, or trade secrets, corporations, governments and defense entities all need to take appropriate steps to properly secure their data,” said David Scholtz, senior vice president of worldwide strategic alliances for McAfee. “Conventional USB drives and other removable storage devices can allow viruses, worms and other malicious code to penetrate systems. The combination of McAfee anti-virus technology with our OEM partner offerings provides the comprehensive layers of protection required to protect data from loss or leakage, and prevent the spread of malware.”
The McAfee OEM Alliance program puts McAfee expertise and industry-leading McAfee protection into a broad spectrum of existing and emerging products for endpoints, servers, data, and the network. This coverage includes embedded devices spread across a wide range of industries, including retail, healthcare, energy, and financial services.

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