TORONTO, July 7, 2011…3D Condo Explorer Inc.’s virtual reality technology, announced today, offers condo developers a new and powerful tool to convey their projects’ value proposition to prospects, without (buyer or seller) ever going into a sales centre.
Said CEO and company Founder Alexander Neshmonin, “Developers no longer need to build and rely on pricey sales offices/galleries with model suites next to their construction sites.
“Our technology provides prospective condo buyers with all necessary information so that they can make a purchasing decision without ever visiting a site.
“With our virtual reality technology, developers can quickly and cost-effectively get a visually compelling, lavishly detailed and accurate 3D representation of their building(s) and all units using a GoogleEarth-like interface. Sales staff and prospective customers can interactively ‘walk-through’ the building or any suite, either together at a sales office, or through the Internet, from home, he added.”
According to Grace Leung, Director of Sales at Times Group Corporation of Richmond Hill, On, (who recently installed 3D CE KIOSK at their Eden Park Towers Phase II site). “Our staff instantly loved the technology and so do our customers. 3D Condo Explorer’s staff trained our team, but that was hardly necessary since the program is intuitive and easy to work with. The best part for us, is that sales at our Eden Park project are up.”
Added Neshmonin, “the business case for this software is unbeatable.”

  • Faster, more powerful development of customer awareness of condo features through an in-depth, interactive 3D visualization that the buyer can explore
  • Radically greater flexibility of direct sales model
  • Ability to sell multiple projects from multiple sales offices significantly lowers overhead and reduces operational costs
  • Builds a new and exciting experience for buyers
  • Through the use of the Virtual Décor Centre option, the ability to view changes to the basic unit, and to see the cost of upgrades
  • Through integration with Google data, the ability for the buyer to see the project’s status and from any individual unit, to see the views from the unit’s windows; it even determines the distances to local services and transportation.
  • Since many buyers use the Internet for potential purchase research, initial interest stimulated by viewing a 3DCE version of the project online can then be turned into a face-to-face meeting at the builder’s sales office, to view it on the 3DCE Kiosk with the help of knowledgeable sales staff.

Adds Elmar A. Busch, Director of Marketing at Times Group Corporation, “We are happy with our first trial of this new technology which we found cost efficient and of considerable help for our customers to visualize the location and layout of their future home.”
3DCE Kiosk is available immediately in variety of configurations and packages, and priced from $6,000.  Visit

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