World Cup Phishing Scam Discovered by McAfee is Spreading Online – Consumers Should Be Safe

As millions of people around the world tune into the World Cup, cyberscammers are placing their bets on World Cup phishing scams.
McAfee just discovered this new lottery-themed scam that makes the email recipient believe that they have won $1M USD as part of a weekly promotion.
What’s alarming is, the scam doesn’t initially ask for the common elements that phishing scams typically ask for: credit card number, CVV, PIN number, etc. In an effort to make the ploy seem more credible they wait to ask for personal information but do request your phone number.
Experts have seen a significant uptick in this scam, and warn consumers to be careful when entering World Cup related lotteries.
Subject lines of the fake email include: “winner – fifa world cup online draw,” and “winner – fifa world cup online draw.”
Click here to view the blog and see screen shots.
Let us know if you’d like to speak with a McAfee security expert about the threat.

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