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TORONTO, February 24, 2014 – Profiled in, Eva Szypulska, Principal & VP Marketing for The Heron Group of Companies / Heathwood Homes and President, The Mikey Network.
Eva Szypulska of The Heron Group of Companies / Heathwood Homes
Hero name: Principal & V. P. of Marketing, and President of The Mikey Network
Allegiance: The Heron Group of Companies / Heathwood Homes
Secret Identity: Eva Szypulska
Age: 33
Time Active: 12 years
Origin Story:
Eva wasn’t always one of the partners at The Heron Group; she started at the bottom when she was only 21 and has worked her way up the ladder! Her first position was as an assistant in a Heathwood sales office while she was in university. Eventually, Eva was promoted to head office, and as a young woman in the industry, the sky was the limit! Eva credits her family and mentors for teaching her to look beyond professional titles and other frivolities and to just focus on the actual quality of her work. This philosophy has clearly carried her a long way!
Special Powers:
Game Face – The marketing world is constantly evolving, and your attitude needs to keep up! Stay in the zone and do what you can to stand out from the crowd.
Thick Skin – Taking criticism is a part of the job; embrace it and it will make you a better professional.
Organization Master – Managing multiple projects while keeping various companies’ marketing portfolios in order ain’t easy.
Current Developments:
MeadowGreen in Brampton: Coming soon!
Hampshire Mews in Richmond Hill features a number of urban towns.
New Whitby community coming soon.
Student housing division planned for Hamilton, London, and Kitchener
“With housing prices limiting the affordability for the average family, there is an opportunity and a need for more multi-generational family homes. The social dynamics are changing as a result of people living longer, having children later in life and both parents having careers. The demand on the middle generation will be a defining factor in the design of the product we as builders offer.”
Interesting Fact:
Eva is a total book worm! Her favourite part of the week is curling up on the couch with a great book and getting lost in the world of literature.

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