Taking it all in from the Chaz Club Terrace

Newinhomes.com recently visited Chaz.Yorkville by Edenshaw and 45 Charles Ltd. to check out the views from the Chaz Club, now that the cantilevered portion of the building is complete.

When we visited Chaz.Yorkville back in March, it was -23 degrees celsius! Thank goodness this August afternoon was the very opposite of freezing, because we got to stand out on the exterior section of the Chaz Club, hanging over the city and taking in the incredible views.

The Chaz Club is located on floors 36 and 37, and both floors are connected at the cantilevered area, where floor-to-ceiling windows create the illusion that you are in a floating glass box over Toronto.

The lower level of the Chaz Club features a cocktail lounge with a bar, where you can either serve yourself and your guests, or hire a talented mixologist to assemble some fancy drinks. Access to the expansive outdoor terrace is also on the lower level. The amazing part about the view from the Chaz Club is that there are no obstructions. You may be up at Bloor, but you can see the lake, and the downtown core is absolutely stunning.

To get to the upper level of the Chaz Club, residents can take a winding staircase, which leads to a 20-guest dining room with a fully equipped demonstration kitchen.
In addition to completing the cantilevered part of the Chaz Club, the construction crew has reached the 41st floor. Throughout the amazing summer weather, the condo has been climbing very quickly! Six months ago, the building was barely above the 20th floor.
Also, the eighth floor is seeing a lot of action at the moment. Many of the suites have the kitchens, flooring, and bathrooms installed. There are also a couple front doors installed and even a few unit numbers on the walls. The eighth floor is so far ahead of the other floors because it is the most typical floor after the podium. The limestone podium has different windows, which arrived on site after the windows for the typical floors, and interior work doesn’t start until windows are installed.
To learn more about the remaining units at Chaz.Yorkville, visit the presentation centre at 101 Yorkville Avenue or call 416-922-0045.

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