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TORONTO, February 18, 2014 – Profiled in, (l-r) Devron Developments´ VP Operations Pouyan Safapour and his brother, VP Safa Safapour.
By Lucas | on February 18, 2014 | Condo Builders Featured Latest News
Hero names: Vice President and Vice President of Operations
Allegiance: Devron Developments
Secret Identities: Safa Safapour and Pouyan Safapour (respectively)
Age: 32 and 28
Time Active: 7 and 6
Origin Story:
Safa and Pouyan’s father is an architect who started Ron Custom Homes nearly 20 years ago. Their mother is an interior designer and real estate broker. It was only a matter of time before the brothers joined forces in the homebuilding industry. Safa went to the University of Toronto to study architecture, and Pouyan received a bachelor and a Masters degree in engineering from McMaster University.
Special Powers:
Visualizer – His architectural eye knows that the smallest details can make the biggest difference, and it’s his responsibility to make sure everything is done correctly.
Max Focus – When dealing with minuscule details on a daily basis, not getting distracted is very important.
Ultra Creative – He’s the artistic side of this super developer duo.
The Analyzer – There is a method to everything, and a systematic approach is the best way to tackle a task.
Hands-On – No problem is unsolvable, especially when you’re dealing with it with your own two hands.
True Passion – Of course, both brothers share this power. They just really love the homebuilding industry.
Current Developments:
The Academy in Scarborough – Coming soon!
Flo Condominiums in North York
“Right now, we see an industry that has boundless opportunity. You’re open to create absolutely anything. You can find a community, find out what the need of that community is, and create it. There’s more competition now, compared to before, and there’s more pressure on the current generation to create something more and more desirable. Developers have to become more efficient and more sophisticated with how we plan, create, and execute. We definitely have more accessible information than developers in the past. With social media, we know more about what buyers like, what kinds of strategies work, and even designs that are more attractive to today’s buyers.”
Interesting Facts:
Safa is recently married, plays soccer and basketball, and is actually very talented at wood working!
Pouyan just got engaged. Whenever he and his fiancee have the time, they travel to the west coast to hike and enjoy many other outdoor activities.

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