TORONTO, March 10, 2014 – Profiled in, pic (l-r) shows Jessica Wang and Thomas Liu, Lemine Group’s Executive Directors.
Hero names: Both are Executive Directors
Allegiance: Lemine Group
Secret Identity: Thomas Liu and Jessica Wang
Age: 32 and 26 (respectively)
Time Active: Both have been in the new home industry for eight months.
Origin Story:
Thomas has been involved in the business of immigration for over a decade. His responsibilities include helping newcomers to Canada find a neighbourhood and home that suit them. Jessica graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in City Planning and is also a real estate broker. The two lived together in a basement near UofT’s Scarborough campus while Jessica was still in school. They recognized the need for a new kind of housing in the area, so they decided to combine their talents to form Lemine Group!
Special Powers:
People Person – Years of helping people find a new home in an unfamiliar country is bound to develop your social skills. This will come in handy when Lemine’s new project is announced!
Organization Master – Having your ducks in a row helps predict future trends in the market. There’s no room for error when you’re launching your first condo.
Contagious Inspiration – Sometimes people just have the gift to inspire others around them with their vision of the future. You’re one step closer to success if everyone around you understands your goal.
The Networker – As a broker, Jessica knows that the real estate game is all about making the right connections and keeping them.
International Experience – Selling to foreign investors will be key in the success of Lemine’s first project since it is located near a university campus.
True Passion – The married couple are driven to bring new housing to Scarborough, and with their combined experience, there’s no stopping them!
Current Developments:
The Academy in Scarborough – coming soon! (With Devron Developments)
“The land development industry is so sophisticated. I’ve learned a lot working on this project, and I respect how much work goes into every step of the process. I believe the Chinese will eventually play a much bigger role in this industry. Right now, it’s just the beginning. There are a lot of potential buyers and developers who want to get into this industry, but they don’t know how. The industry is totally different here; in China, the land is owned by the government, it’s not privately owned. Here, there is so much potential. I feel a personal responsibility to educate Chinese investors to help them get into the industry, to learn the Canadian way of development.”
Interesting Facts:
Thomas recently took up skiing because of a future resort development that Lemine will be working on at Blue Mountain.
Jessica is a strong LGBQT supporter, and she is also looking forward to building her own home for her family.

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